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1703 Cedar Avenue
Greeley , CO 80631
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RonRon Cobb, President

1703 Cedar Avenue
Greeley , Colorado 80631
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I have grown up in this industry. From the time I was a small boy, one of my favorite memories has been riding around cemeteries on the tailgate of my grandfather's pickup at Christmas time, jumping off at every stop to place evergreen blankets, wreaths and crosses on graves.

I worked part time for my grandfather during high school and while attending business school in Durango, Colorado I worked part time for a monument company there. After school I came back to the business to stay. In that time I have been involved in every aspect of this industry from the quarrying of granite to cleaning and repairing some of the oldest monuments in our state.

From the very beginning, my grandfather's, father's, and now my philosophy has been to make a top quality product and let that product speak for itself. We do everything we can to make each and every customer happy. It is my promise to you that the commitment to quality service and memorials that began with my grandfather will continue on, in the way we conduct business here at Norman's Memorials.

sue Jerry Roth,
Memorial Consultant

1703 Cedar Avenue
Greeley , Colorado 80631
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My family has lived in Northern Colorado for three generations. Having lived here all my life I am very familiar with the cemeteries and many of the people of this area.

I've been at Norman's Memorials for about fourteen years now and in sales for almost forty. My goal is to help families create something truly special for their loved one, which reflects something of that person and their lives.

My goal is to provide quality service for the families I serve and be the friendly face that's here to help them through the process. The biggest rewards to me have been the friendships I have gained while being of service in times of sorrow.